Schedule a Professional Holistic Massage

Find holistic massage therapy services in El Paso, TX

If you’re tired of suffering from muscle knots and kinks, book an appointment at Monserrath Skin Care Clinic. We offer holistic massage services in El Paso, Texas. A trained massage therapist will locate the source of discomfort between your bones and muscles and gently alleviate the pain.

We don’t use any chemicals for this treatment. Depending on your needs, we’ll use lotion so you can experience optimal relief. Visit us today to soothe your body with a holistic massage in El Paso, Texas.

Restore your body and your mind

Anyone can benefit from a holistic massage, including men. Monserrath Skin Care Clinic offers this massage therapy service to:


Reduce emotional stress


Eliminate toxins


Increase your energy and mobility


Boost your immune system


Improve blood circulation


Enhance relaxation

We also offer reflexology and scalp massage services. Call 915-591-9991 now to book a holistic massage therapy appointment in El Paso, Texas.