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Hold your head up high and show off your healthy glow. Monserrath Skin Care Clinic provides facial treatments for men and women in El Paso, Texas. Each of our treatments are specialized. We’ll tailor our facials to your specific needs so you can have soft and vibrant skin.

Visit our facial spa in El Paso, Texas today to enhance the natural beauty of your face.

Find the treatment that works for you

While you may be eager to try each of our facial options, we’ll help you choose the one that best suits your immediate needs. We provide three different facial options at Monserrath Skin Care Clinic:


Acne treatments. If you’re dealing with chronic acne issues, we’ll develop a treatment that will eliminate all your blackheads and pimples.


Chemical peels. We’ll use a chemical solution that will peel away the outer layer of facial skin to reveal blemish-free skin. Consult your dermatologist before getting this treatment.


Cell renovations. This treatment will help your skin revitalize itself naturally.

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